Agenda Sneak Peek

Here is a preview of a few of the exciting plenaries, sessions and launchpads planned for GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference: One World – One Health. Updates will be made in the coming weeks when we will reveal the full set of speakers as well as the dates and times of the entire program.


4 global plenaries ON:

  • Talking global policy: Put biodiversity at the heart of a new global development paradigm by informing the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and the Post- 2020 UN CBD Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • Harnessing the power of nature: Embrace diversity through agrobiodiversity, biocultural diversity, nature based solutions and biodiversity finance from Latin America to Asia.
  • Voices of the landscapes: Amplify the voices of Indigenous guardians and highlight the knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC) in order to generate scalable solutions.
  • + more to come

20+ interactive sessions:

Share methods and tools to restore biodiversity, ecosystems and economies through a holistic land- and seascape-approach

  • Framing the problem: How have human interventions brought about global pandemics like COVID-19 and hampered restoration efforts in general? How is our current economic model impacting biodiversity?
  • Policy responses: Hear from governments, NGO’s, civil societies and local authorities on how they are contributing to and strengthening the Post 2020 agendas.
  • Solutions: Understand the interrelation between biodiversity and finance, biodiversity and rights, biodiversity and our food supply and much more. Harness the self-healing power of nature by designing your own nature-based solution to restore the well-being of people and nature.
  • Calling for global action!

4+ launchpads

Reports released, restoration monitoring program launched

  • Launchpads, digital press conferences reaching a global audience, are dedicated to releasing new research or tools and/or launching new initiatives to participants attending the digital conference and beyond— expanding and enhancing discussions to a larger audience and placing communities and local realities at the center of the conversation.

Youth Daily Shows

Every time zone will have its own Youth Daily Show! Explore together what young professionals all over the world are doing to contribute to the well-being of all lives on Earth. 



  • Facilitated networking sessions will connect you with people across the globe. Meet a new person every five minutes! The networking moderator will provide you with the information you can use to develop your questions, in order to make the most of your networking time.