Join world-leading institutions to conserve and protect the world’s disappearing biodiversity

Check out all the ways to participate at the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference 2020: One World - One Health below

Ways to participate at GLF Biodiversity


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Digital Exhibition

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Create your own landscape postcard

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Host a session

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The GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference could be your report or campaign’s jumping-off point. Reach a global audience of over 50 million by launching your initiative, book or report, new technology, alliance or pledge to the world and to the media, following in the footsteps of the International Partnership for Blue Carbon, AFR100, the 20×20 Initiative, the Indonesian National Carbon Accounting System (INCAS), South Pole and more.


Host Benefits

  • Media and communications support from GLF
  • A 30-minute digital press conference (launchpad) in the agenda
  • Technical support for live streaming along with simultaneous translation (English, Spanish, French) and (optional) translation editing and recording available for EUR 500
  • Digital logo placement on all event communication and website materials
  • Social and traditional media, communications and outreach support
  • 20 complimentary passes to the conference

About the Session

  • Price: EUR 4,500 
  • Session length: 30 minutes

Application deadline: 17 October 2020

Suggest a speaker

If you know someone who belongs on the GLF stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you! Please use our speaker suggestion form.
The deadline to suggest speakers for the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference is 30 September 2020.
There is no deadline for future conferences.


Are you a student or young professional eager to get an inside look at the work of an international organization and get unprecedented work experience? Join our youth team, support our social media team or help us prepare for the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference 2020! Must be 18-35 years of age to apply.

Digital Exhibition

Book a virtual space where you can share knowledge and build new networks. You can run presentations, interactive discussions and share your results and experiences. 

Host Benefits

  • Facilitation support from the GLF Coordination Team
  • A digital space at the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference with access to the full GLF event
  • Logo representation on all event communication products and the conference event page
  • GLF communications support, including social and traditional media
  • 5 complimentary registration passes per exhibition

About the Session

  • Price:  EUR 1,500.-
  • Session length: 28-29 October 2020



At GLF, we’re making transformative change for people and landscapes across the globe. Would you like a seat at the table? Partner with GLF to help scale up our critical contributions to positive change – and receive outstanding exposure and brand recognition as you do so. We’ll showcase your work to audiences of millions through our communication and social media platforms.

Host a Session

Collaborate with GLF to create and host a dynamic online session from wherever you are in the world. These 90-minute sessions are ideal for organizations aiming to present ideas, provide up-to-date information, share case studies and spark conversation on focused topics. 

  • The GLF team will work with you to develop the segment, providing guidance on how to plan and deliver your session, including your team roles, script, format ideas and audience engagement. 
  • 90-minute digital session for EUR 7,500: Sessions are run on either Zoom or MS Teams, live streamed into the Whova app. Unlimited numbers of conference participants can watch via Whova without having to log-in to Zoom or MS Teams.  
  • GLF will help you engage your target audience through pre-event online activities and interactive components within sessions. You will also receive full technical support and simultaneous translation in English, French and Spanish.

Applications closed

Make your own landscape postcard!

Create your own landscape postcard
Share your local landscapes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more

Ways to shape the agenda

On 28 – 29 October, GLF will host its second 100% digital conference. Shape the agenda with us, launch a report, contribute your content or volunteer your time and skills. 


  • Countries 185 countries
  • Person 36% between 18-24
  • Person 41% between 25-34

Social Media


Media Reach








*with graduate degrees


*Total GLF Conferences


Brand awareness

Thought leadership


Lead generation

Event Benefits

  • Promotion of your organization, brand and message among millions of stakeholders in 185 countries in three languages (English, French, Spanish)
  • Connect with key players in the climate change agenda
  • Learn about cutting-edge innovation and engagement with thought leaders and economic experts on key issues
  • Speaking opportunities in a network of leading international organizations across sectors
  • Engage in bilateral and multilateral dialogues on pressing topics
  • Increase opportunities for achieving cross-sector partnerships
  • Contribute to the paradigm shift required to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement