GLF Peatlands 2024:
The Climate Solution We Forgot

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Explore the latest insights on peatland conservation at your own pace. All session recordings are now available on the event platform until 30 June.

Bonn, Germany, and Online, alongside the Bonn Climate Change Conference


06 June 2024


Are you attending the Bonn Climate Change Conference?

Join us in person in Bonn at the GLF Secretariat, located in the beautiful Rheinaue Leisure Park right next to the Bonn Climate Change Conference venue.

5 things you should know about peatlands

On 6 June 2024, over 1,200 participants from 118 countries, 41 speakers and more than 30 global and local partner organizations united to give peatlands the attention they deserve. 

Here’s what we learned from GLF Peatlands 2024, showing why it’s so vital that we protect and restore peatlands before it’s too late.

Event concept

Meet the speakers

Are you attending the Bonn Climate Change Conference? 

or tune in online from wherever you are in the world!

Event themes

State of peatland knowledge

Dive deep into the various schools of peatland science from across the globe, and uncover the vital role of peatlands in climate-resilient and biodiverse landscapes. Explore the latest techniques in the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of peatlands.

Policy perspectives

Dissect the myriad national strategies and initiatives aimed at mapping and managing peatlands. We’ll navigate the complexities of implementation, learn from effective actions against degradation and chart pathways for successful policies.

Communities and livelihoods

Learn the cultural significance of peatlands and the challenges and opportunities of integrating Indigenous wisdom into restoration practices. Learn about participatory approaches that honor traditional land uses while achieving conservation goals.

Money talk

Discover innovative finance models, blended mechanisms and the role of the private sector in driving peatland conservation. Learn how to make the investment case for peatland conservation – and how to market it.

Event partners


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The original GLF Peatlands

In 2017, 400 people gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia, to push for the sustainable  management of peatlands around the world. Find out what happened at GLF: Peatlands Matter and how it set the scene for this year’s event.

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Venetia Galanaki

Events Project Officer