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Connect, share, learn and act with the GLF in Accra at the end of October to shape a rights-led transformation of sustainability and build productive, prosperous, equitable and resilient landscapes. The GLF is working constantly to inspire and drive action and aspires to create a movement of 1 billion people around sustainable landscapes. Together, through collaborative leadership, we will create a global force for positive change by realizing a vision of what we can do if we all work together.

Join 500 VIPs, celebrity activists, policy, business and Indigenous leaders, global experts, heads of UN and international agencies and tens of thousands around the world participating in the GLF Digital Edition.


  • Countries 185 countries
  • Person 36% between 18-24
  • Person 41% between 25-34

Social Media


Media Reach








*with graduate degrees


*Total GLF Conferences


Brand awareness

Thought leadership


Lead generation

Event Benefits

  • Promotion of your organization, brand and message among millions of stakeholders in 185 countries
  • Connect with key players in the climate change agenda
  • Learn about cutting-edge innovation and engagement with thought leaders and economic experts on key issues
  • Speaking opportunities in a network of leading international organizations across sectors
  • Engage in bilateral and multilateral dialogues on pressing topics
  • Increase opportunities for achieving cross-sector partnerships
  • Contribute to the paradigm shift required to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement

GLF Accra Options

Interactive Session

Table Top Exhibition


Landscape Launchpad

Side Event

Sponsor the GLF Movement

Interactive Session (formerly called Discussion Forums)

Shape the sustainability conversation with in-depth livestreamed and recorded discussions. You’ll engage with an audience of over a thousand people on site and tens of thousands of others online, with further support across all GLF web and social media platforms. You’ll have the option of running a Digital Summit before and/or after your event and can further drive action through various other GLF outreach and media activities.

Host Benefits

  • Ability to shape the narrative at the first ever global event on the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
  • Live-streaming of your session (and related knowledge products) through the GLF website to tens of thousands of viewers
  • On-the-ground video interviews of key speakers
  • 15 complimentary, guaranteed passes to attend GLF Accra 2019
  • Simultaneous translation services can be provided in Spanish and French at an additional cost.
  • The GLF team will seek to arrange a 5-minute inspirational opening by a celebrity speaker (in addition to the 40 minutes)
  • Assistance on optimizing and making the most of your content and connecting with audiences
  • Priority on GLF social channels so you can reach your target networks and a global community
  • Video recording for use on your website(s) and communication channels
  • Access to a GLF-curated list of young professionals and Indigenous Peoples and local community representatives relevant to your session’s topic
  • Your digital/print logo will be featured on all event communication products and website

About the Session

  • Price:  EUR 10,000.-
  • Session length: 90 minutes
  • Deadline: September 13 2019

Table Top Exhibition

Book a space where you can share knowledge, build and reach out to networks revolving around a specific theme —and you will have the entire conference to make the most out of it. You can run presentations, interactive discussions and share your results and experiences.

Host Benefits

  • Facilitation support from the GLF Coordination Team
  • A physical space in a prime location at the GLF Accra event with access to the full GLF event
  • Your logo (digital/print) will be featured on all event communication products and the GLF website
  • The GLF Communications Team will support your social and traditional media activities
  • Two complimentary registration passes per table top

About the Session

  • Price:  EUR 1,500.-
  • Session length: Throughout the event
  • Deadline: September 13 2019


Take advantage of a private room at the conference to host meetings or workshops specific to your needs. Whether you are looking to facilitate a workshop with 30 – 40 invited participants to deep dive into collaborative processes or convene dialogues related to landscapes, or plan to hold a series of meetings throughout a day, the space is yours to work with.


Host Benefits

  • Private, dedicated space
  • Projector, flipchart and pens provided
  • Access to GLF Facilitation Toolkit
  • Announcement of your session across our communication platforms

About the Session

  • Price:  EUR 1,500.-
  • Session length: 1 ½ hours
  • Deadline: September 13 2019

Landscape Launchpad

Show your work far and wide. This is your opportunity to reach a global audience through GLF platforms. Debut your initiative, book or report launch, new technology, alliance or pledge to the world and to the press present at GLF, on-site and online, following in the footsteps of the International Partnership for Blue Carbon, AFR100, the 20×20 Initiative, the Indonesian National Carbon Accounting System (INCAS) and more. Over 14,000 people watched GLF Bonn 2019 online, with more than 14.2 million engaged online.

Host Benefits

Showcasing your work with the GLF includes access to a wide range of services:

  • The GLF team will support and advise your media and communications activities
  • You will be able to announce your launchpad, share relevant content, engage with the global community before, during and after the event using GLF social and traditional media channels
  • 5 complimentary registration passes
  • Audio-visual equipment for recording, along with simultaneous translation (Spanish, French) – additional cost;
  • GLF will feature your logo (digital/print) on all event communication products and website
  • Space at the GLF Accra event with a captive audience of up to 50 people, including media, and thousands more online.


About the Session

  • Price: 3,000 (filmed) OR EUR 4,500 (filmed + live streamed)
  • Session length: 45 minutes
  • Deadline: September 13 2019

Sponsor the GLF Movement

At the event, the Global Landscapes Forum is taking one step further towards creating more resilient, equitable, profitable, productive and healthy landscapes by “reigniting the flame” to turn pledges for sustainability a reality. As the world’s largest science-led platform on sustainable land use, we are bringing together partners crossing sectors and nations to connect, share, learn and act. You can play a key part.

Side Event

Want to launch a new program/project, unveil a new strategy, run thematic discussions or have a reception, all while strengthening your outreach? Then you should run a side event at GLF Accra! They offer more independence, while falling in line with the GLF mission and objectives.

Host Benefits

  • Hosting a side event comes with a wide range of services and complimentary items:
  • On-request support from the GLF Coordination team on how to exploit the full potential of your event;
  • 15 complimentary registration passes;
  • A physical space accommodating 150 participants in a prime location within the International Conference Center, with access to all event participants;
  • We will feature your logo (digital/print) on all event communication products and website;
  • The GLF team will support your social and traditional media and communications activities;
  • Simultaneous translation services can be provided in Spanish and French at an additional cost.

About the Session

  • Price: EUR 10,000
  • Session length: 1 ½ hours
  • Deadline: September 13 2019