Make your own landscape postcard!

Urban gardens, local forests, lively backyards? Or high mountains, boundless rangelands, blue oceans? What are your local landscapes and how are they boosting biodiversity?

Share them with us!



  1. Choose your landscape. Upload a photo of your choice.* Photo must be in landscape mode.
  2. Add the location. Name the place where this photo was taken.
  3. Send it to the world. Download the postcard and post it on your favorite social media channel. You can use the template below. Remember to use the #glfbiodiversity so that we can find you and share!
This is my landscape, and I want to protect its biodiversity. Make your own postcard here: #GLFBiodiversity
Upload your image …
You must have the rights to the photos you are using. GLF has the right to use the final products.

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