• 28 October 2020
  • 16:00-17:30

Peatlands, a Super Nature Based Solution – home and refuge for unique and threatened biodiversity

Plenaries will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. All sessions and launchpads will be available in English, Spanish and French. Access language channels here. Français. Español. Português.

Peatlands, a Super Nature Based Solution (Spanish audio)

Peatlands, a Super Nature Based Solution (French audio)

This session will take you on a two-part peatlands journey to some of the most rare, remote and unique places in the world. Many peatlands offer a safe haven for rare and threatened biodiversity – from the orangutan of Indonesia to the golden sphagnum moss of Northern Ireland. Transport yourself to the remote forested swamps of the Congo Basin and then onward to the tip of the South American continent. Peatlands also offer vital stopping-off points for migratory species – connecting species to special places across the globe. Peatlands can also be carbon-packed micro-rainforests that house bizarre creatures and tales of the past. UNEP invites you to discover why peatlands are a critical habitat for biodiversity and what they offer to our climate and our health. This world tour will provide examples and share experiences and strategies, while highlighting the important role that partnerships can play in safeguarding biodiversity.
Find this session’s white paper here.