• 29 October 2020
  • 12:00-12:30

GLF in Action: Kicking off the first GLFx chapters and announcing the Restoration Stewards

Plenaries will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. All sessions and launchpads will be available in English, Spanish and French. Access language channels here. Français. Español. Português.

Learn with forestry experts in Malawi, swim with Indigenous leaders in reef systems off the coast of Mexico and restore the Earth with young people in every landscape.

During this launchpad, explore how the Global Landscapes Forum is collaborating with amazing communities around the globe, and sparking action on the ground. The GLFx team will present the first official GLFx chapters and the GLF youth team will announce the 2021 Restoration Stewards who will receive sponsorship, mentorship, and training, to bring their project to the next level and restore their landscape throughout the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Want to know more about GLFx and the local chapters?

GLFx chapters are independently organized local chapters, which foster action on the ground by empowering communities with the necessary technology, knowledge, and motivation to connect, share, learn, and act in their landscapes. As the world’s largest knowledge-led platform on sustainable land use, the GLF is on a mission to positively impact one billion people. GLFx is a movement that puts communities first in creating landscape-level change. GLFx is looking for change-makers ready to lead the movement in their local communities. To learn more about GLFx, join the launchpad, visit 

If this sounds interesting, drop in to the GLFx networking session at 12:30 CET on 28 October, day one of GLF Biodiversity. Find it in the agenda!

Want to know more about Restoration Stewards?

The Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) and the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) have launched the Restoration Stewards program to support and highlight the work of five young restoration practitioners and their teams, who will be dubbed ‘Restoration Stewards’. The year-long program will provide funding, mentorship, and training to deepen the impact of five youth-led restoration projects. After receiving more than 220 applications with the help of our partners, the final candidates have been selected and will be announced on October 28th! Read more about the Restoration Stewards Program here.

Some of the session will be in Spanish. If you would like to receive the audio translation of the launchpad, all you need to do is follow these steps:

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