IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress – Making the Future, Learning from the Past

In 2022, the next European Landscape Ecology Congress will take place. The IALE2022 Congress is IALE2021+1, originally scheduled in 2021 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress aims to highlight landscape ecology as the transdisciplinary platform linking past, present and future. This approach is especially needed now when the world is facing global challenges such as climate crisis, biodiversity loss, environmental pollution, mass migration and urbanization. A holistic, landscape approach to the complex cultural-environmental systems – which is the essence of landscape ecology – provides the perfect framework for combining transdisciplinary tools and perspectives to better understand the diverse phenomena and processes around us and to predict and properly manage them. That is why we want to learn from past experience and knowledge to take responsibility for shaping sustainable landscapes and societies of the future.

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VIII International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture

A major share of the world’s population inhabits cities. Scientific efforts are needed in order to improve the comfort and livability of urban areas. Ecology and technology must synergistically interact to outpace issues associated with the coexistence of biological organisms and man-made artifacts in limited spaces. While urban gardens of any scale greatly contributed in past times to people’s wellbeing, today’s challenge is to make the urban green areas work as an ecosystem.

The VIII International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture invite to Catania all the experts in ecology, agricultural sciences, botany, horticulture, social science, landscape design, zoology, and geography to share and discuss the most recent advances in urban green infrastructure toward more sustainable and livable cities.


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The Joint International Grassland and Rangeland Congress 2021

The theme of the Congress is Sustainable Use of Grassland and Rangeland Resources for Improved Livelihoods. The aim of the congress will be to promote the interchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of grasslands and rangelands: including grassland and rangeland ecology; forage production and utilization; livestock production systems; wildlife, tourism, and multi-facets of grassland and rangeland; drought management and climate change in rangelands; pastoralism, social, gender and policy issues and capacity building, extension and governance. We look forward to seeing you in Nairobi in 2021. For more information, click the attached Flyer. The International Grassland and Rangeland Congress promote an interchange of information on all aspects of natural and cultivated grasslands and forage crops for the benefit of mankind, including sustained development, food production, and the maintenance of biodiversity. The aim of the International Rangeland Congress is to promote the interchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of rangelands: research, planning, development, management, extension, education, and training.


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Global Biodiversity Festival

May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity, celebrate with a virtual extravaganza featuring scientists, explorers and conservationists from across the globe!

The Global Biodiversity Festival is a virtual weekend for the general public, with a simple goal of shining a spotlight on biodiversity loss. This is a truly global event that will bounce us around the globe as we celebrate the weird and the wonderful, highlight the challenges life faces and some good news conservation stories. From the 20th – 23rd of May, we’ll share the diverse stories and challenges of scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers and policy makers on the frontlines of the race to save the incredible variety of life on our planet…and ourselves.

We launched the Global Biodiversity Festival in May 2020 with 68 speakers from around the world, published an incredible book and raised money for several conservation organizations. This year, we’re pushing the boundaries of what a virtual festival can be and creating a truly global event! We’ll be broadcasting live for 72 hours straight, with 150+ speakers spanning the globe and exploring biodiversity from every angle.

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RISE Africa 2021

RISE Africa brings together thinkers, doers and enablers, and promotes art, creative expression and other ways of knowing to Inspire Action for Sustainable Cities

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Webinar on the Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021: Restoring Landscapes in the Aral Sea Region

How can disruptive technology transform the Aral Sea region?

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The Aral Sea in Central Asia, once the world’s fourth-largest inland water body, has almost disappeared due to the overuse of its resources and the climate crisis, endangering the livelihoods of 40 million people who live in the region.

The Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021 aims to identify and support disruptive technologies and innovative approaches to landscape restoration in the Aral Sea region and Central Asia. The Challenge asks innovators from around the world to submit their ideas and help change the lives of millions of people.

The webinar, held on 11 January, 20:00 UTC+6, is an opportunity to learn more about the Challenge and the Aral Sea region, connect with world leading institutions and regional organizations and universities, and get your questions on the Challenge answered.

Как прорывные технологии могут помочь региону Аральского моря?
Вебинар о Всемирном конкурсе прорывных технологий 2021: Восстановление земель в регионе Аральского моря

ральское море, расположенное на территории Центральной Азии, когда-то четвертое среди крупнейших внутренних водоемов, сегодня почти исчезло из-за чрезмерного использования его ресурсов и изменения климата, поставив под угрозу благосостояние 40 миллионов человек, проживающих в этом регионе.

Всемирный конкурс прорывных технологий 2021 направлен на выявление и поддержку прорывных технологий и инновационных подходов в сфере восстановления земель в регионе Аральского моря и на территории Центральной Азии. Конкурс приглашает новаторов со всего мира предложить идею и помочь изменить жизнь миллионов людей.

Вебинар, который пройдет 11 января в 20:00 по алматинскому времени (UTC+6) – это возможность не только узнать больше о Конкурсе и регионе Аральского моря и получить ответы на интересующие Вас вопросы, но и наладить связь с ведущими мировыми институтами и региональными организациями и университетами.

Find out more about the Challenge here.

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Carbon Forestry: The course for future project developers and land use experts

In cooperation with renowned partner organizations active in the land-use sector, such as UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use and Solidaridad, the Chair of Silviculture at Freiburg University offers this 3-week online course in Carbon Forestry. Highlights of the course include ecological, social, economic & technical aspects of carbon forestry in theory and practice. The course is taught by experienced academics, project developers and auditors, and offers technical basics of developing and evaluating climate change mitigation projects, analysis and validation of project design documents of different types of land-use based carbon projects (REDD, Afforestation/Reforestation, Smart Climate Agriculture, Improved Forest Management etc.). Furthermore, by using a local case study, participants will measure biomass on a local afforestation site or at home and quantify the carbon contents in the lab.

Additionally, participants are trained in established methodologies of specific standards, esp. Afforestation/Reforestation projects, such as under the CDM, Verra/VCS or Gold Standard. The course fee is 750€ (partial scholarships available).

For more information please follow the headline link or send an email to: carbon.forestry@waldbau.uni-freiburg.de.

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