International Conference on Negative CO2 Emissions

The purpose of the conference is to bring together a wide range of scientists, experts and stakeholders, in order to engage in various aspects of research relating to negative CO2 emissions. This will include various negative emission technologies, climate modelling, climate policies and incentives.

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World Wildlife Day 2018: The role of youth in big cat conservation

Last year the theme of World Wildlife Day was “listen to the young voices,” and this year, with the theme of “big cats: predators under threat,” we’re bringing some young voices to the fore to talk about their experiences in big cat conservation. Tune in on WWD 2018 for a roundtable discussion hosted by Youth for Wildlife Conservation (Y4WC).

Some of the most charismatic wildlife in the world, big cats face a number of threats, from habitat loss, to poaching, to human-animal conflict.

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Webinar: Storytelling for Business – How to Leverage Data and Make Your Message Stick

Data is the word on every PR and Communications professional’s lips in recent years. We need more data points. We need to analyse the data. We need more data!

How are we able to use the huge amount of data that is available to us, both internally and externally, to get what we want? To achieve our business goals? To work for us?

In this session, we’ll learn from Anjali Sharma, MD of business storytelling company Narrative, as she shares her expertise on how best to leverage data and what type of data is most impactful to share with your stakeholders.

The webinar is free and register now to confirm your attendance.

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