Forests and the European Commission: Introduction into FLEGT-VPA and ‘Embodied’ Deforestation

The European Commission (EC) continues to develop various instruments that aim to reduce the European Unions (EU) international impact on forest degradation and destruction. In this webinar we want to improve our understanding of two particularly promising instruments and developments. First of all, we will receive an input on a legally binding trade agreement, called Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), which allows Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licenses to be issued. VPA-FLEGT aims to ensure the provision of legally sourced wood from timber-producing countries outside the EU. Why is this specific system believed to deliver positive results? What are the current developments? Can we already see results in countries where VPA-FLEGT is established?

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COVID-19 and what it means for wild meat

The spreading of diseases from animals to humans—also called zoonotic—is a public health concern in light of the current pandemic. COVID-19 that has now spread to more than 100 countries worldwide is also suspected to be originated from pangolin or bat sold in market in Wuhan, China.

As the efforts to curb pandemic accelerate, many conservationists are welcoming China’s move to outlaw hunting and consumption of wild animals. And yet, the reality is not that simple. The ban may put millions of forest dwellers at risk of food insecurity, as Indigenous or rural communities often consume wild meat as their sole source of protein.

How do we address this challenge? Can we find the middle ground to this complex reality?

This webinar is organized with the support of the TRADE HUB, SWM, FTA projects and the Bushmeat Research Initiative of CIFOR.

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