FFX Pocono: Racing to Safeguard Agrobiodiversity

On the “Global Day of Action” for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, you are invited to virtually join chefs, media, farmers, seed savers, educators, policy makers and consumers in an immersive experience designed to raise awareness of the importance of crop diversity and its connection to healthy soils and resilient, sustainable agricultural systems. Throughout the event, we will showcase what the future of food could be like if we conserve and use the amazing diversity of our foods.

Hosted by the Food Forever Initiative in partnership with Pocono Organics, Rodale Institute, and the Crop Trust, the Experience will be the first of its kind, and stream digital content from around the world, including from the farm at Pocono Organics, to the fields of the Rodale Institute, to genebanks, to chefs’ kitchens and many places in between.

Participants will also be the first audience to learn of new research findings presented by Rodale Institute which will use this occasion to announce a global white paper that looks at the potential of Regenerative Organic Agriculture to reduce emissions and maximize carbon sequestration in soils – as one solution to the climate crisis.

The Food Forever Experience is for leaders and influencers who can make an impact. Together, we can plant the seed for a better future, and we would be delighted if you can participate.

Find out more here.

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