How to report on the role of forests in times of crises

14 Apr 2022

A conversation with David Shukman and Malgorzata Buszko-Briggs Powerful and accurate reporting is crucial to solving the climate and biodiversity crises. But in a time of fake news, how should journalists write about forests – and how can we break down barriers between experts and the media? This free livestreamed on 28 April at 17:50 […]

Solutions for Resilience – How are Forest and Farm Producer Organizations and Smallholders responding to COVID-19?

18 Jun 2020

Coordinator: Forest and Farm Facility, FAO Co-organizing institutions: AgriCord, IIED, IUCN, UNDFF, ESP, FAO, Napo Provincial Government of Ecuador, Forest and Farm Producer Organizations, Global Landscapes Forum Description:  Smallholder Forest and Farm Producer Organizations (FFPOs) from across the globe will share the innovative solutions they are implementing in response to the COVID-19 crisis to build […]

Barriers to inclusive sustainable finance in a landscape context

17 Dec 2019

Agriculture, forestry and other land uses are central to the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). They may also contribute up to 20% of emission reductions needed to achieve the Paris mitigation target. Notably, nearly 60% of food production is produced by smallholders (<20 ha) who are undoubtedly the most vulnerable to climate change. […]

Measuring the Impact of Investments on Biodiversity

28 Nov 2019

  Bending the curve on our current biodiversity crisis is key to sustainable land use and a healthy planet. In doing so, the private sector will play a crucial role and it must invest on biodiversity. Measuring impact from those investments requires that there are agreed upon methodologies and terminology to familiarize the financial sector […]

Land Tenure Reform in Africa and its Implication to Landscape Restoration on the Continent

22 Oct 2019

In the last two decades, land reform has been carried out in many African countries. This GLF Digital Summit focuses on the impact of these policies on land tenure and resource management, and their perception by local residents in both rural and urban settings. From case studies from Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ghana, what factors are […]

Toward a national forest landscape restoration strategy for Cameroon

7 Oct 2019

This conversation will be conducted in French. Forests cover 46% of Cameroon’s national territory, which hosts such diverse ecosystems that it is nicknamed “Africa in Miniature”. But Cameroon has also experienced substantial deforestation and land degradation, with causes ranging from fuel wood and charcoal extraction to infrastructure development, which has negatively impacted local livelihoods, the […]

Bouncing back better after large forest fires

20 Sep 2019

How can you bounce back better after a large forest fire? Forest fires are part of the evolution of ecosystems, but they also cause severe disasters including loss of life, damage to homes and economic losses every year. As climate change effects such as long periods of drought become worse, forested areas become susceptible to […]

Going for the Gold Standard: Reflections on developing principles to respect rights

28 Aug 2019

Join us for this digital summit to learn why GLF is working with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to Go for the Gold – to ensure rights are respected and our planet is restored. Educate yourself about what it takes to become a champion for rights. Why the Gold Standard? Indigenous Peoples and local communities […]

Large scale restoration of agroecosystems – Opportunities and Challenges of participatory monitoring.

26 Aug 2019

Restoration practices must be designed in environmentally, socially and economically efficient ways in order to enhance long term farmer adoption. Putting together farmers’ experiences and scientific knowledge through participatory monitoring can help to find the most feasible solutions to develop resilient agroecosystems. However, involving multiple stakeholders in research can be challenging and requires careful design […]

From river to coast – Collaboration to restore coastal and rural areas

22 Aug 2019

Participatory approaches to map and model system dynamics can help to create mutual understanding of appropriate collective action for ecosystem restoration initiatives. But in contexts with active resource or value system conflicts, this can be a challenging task. Join us for this Digital Summit, which will address the potential benefits, limitations and challenges of participatory […]