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This digital summit is now over.

Date : 23 June 2020
Time : 13:00 - 14:00 CEST (Use this tool to convert to your local time zone)

Coordinator: Forest and Farm Facility, FAO

Co-organizing institutions: AgriCord, IIED, IUCN, UNDFF, ESP, FAO, Napo Provincial Government of Ecuador, Forest and Farm Producer Organizations, Global Landscapes Forum


Smallholder Forest and Farm Producer Organizations (FFPOs) from across the globe will share the innovative solutions they are implementing in response to the COVID-19 crisis to build more resilient communities. For example, the pandemic has put a strain on forests as places of leisure and refuge from urban life, increased pressure on ecosystem preservation services, and delivered a shock to the timber industry. In order to prevent extreme disruption from future crises or pandemics, actions taken now must build long-term, multi-dimensional resilience. Combating desertification and saving our forests may save us from the next pandemic.

Solutions and strategies to be discussed in this session include managing risks and maintaining the functionality of smallholder production systems, improving market access, diversifying livelihoods, developing social and cultural services, forming financial building blocks such as savings and loans, improving access to finance, and building on traditional knowledge. For example, one innovative solution that will be presented is the landscape scale branding of baskets of products based on indigenous management systems in Ecuador, also known as the “Chakra” label.

This session is part of COVID-19 Forestry Webinar Week. During this series, presenters will assess the impacts of the pandemic on people and forests, and identify and discuss possible responses that help mitigate impacts on people.

Languages: English, Spanish and French

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Our Speakers

Rita Irene Tunay Shiguango

Prefect of Napo Province, Ecuador

Estrella “Esther” Penunia

Secretary General, Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development

Duncan Macqueen

Principal researcher and leader (forests)

Bishwa Nath Oli

Secretary of Minister of Forest and Environment of Nepal

Victoria Adongo

Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana


Tiina Huvio

Chair, Steering Committee of the Forest and Farm Facility