Secure rights for forest futures: closing the implementation gap in forest tenure security

1 Jul 2019

Where indigenous peoples and local communities hold secure rights, forests are less likely to be degraded or destroyed, providing better protection than even legally protected areas. However, in many countries, there is a substantial gap in tenure security for community lands. To highlight recent solutions for closing the implementation gap, GLF is teaming up with […]

Inclusive finance: Paying the way for sustainable landscapes

27 Jun 2019

Local landscape initiatives make business sense: companies stand to gain an edge in innovation through supporting local communities and smallholders by utilizing the tacit knowledge of front-line employees. But how can we create environments that better connect financial instruments and ground level landscape initiatives? Join us on July 9th at 14:00 Central European Time (Paris, […]

To carbon or not to carbon

23 May 2019

We have chosen CO2 as the primary measure for nearly everything related to the climate crisis from pollution to solution. What do we gain? Better communication and easier reporting of success and failure. What do we lose? An opportunity to utilize a holistic approach to tackle a complex issue, often resulting in crucial topics such […]

Beyond Land: Gender equality in restoration

17 Apr 2019

As climate advocates increasingly call for nature as the key to healing climate and biodiversity crises, the spotlight on restoration is growing. The recent announcement of a UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, joins previous commitments, which place nature based solution as a key element of solving social and environmental challenges.

Online Training: Global Challenges, Global Solutions – International Forest Policy

10 Apr 2019

Ever wanted an inside look into discussions at the United Nations? Join government representatives and forest policy experts, in this special online training on international forest policy “Global Challenges, Global Solutions.” This 4-part training throughout the month of April will introduce you to leading voices participating in the 14th session of the UN Forum on […]

Coming into Fashion: Rights

30 Mar 2019

April 2019 marks six years since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1138 people and injured many more.

Bathing in a Forest of Happiness

15 Mar 2019

To mark International Day of Happiness (March 20) and International Day of Forests (March 21), three fascinating speakers will explore the interrelationships between nature, human health and wellbeing. Ahead of the upcoming GLF Kyoto (May 13) conference in Japan, Dr. Qing Li, a global leader on forest medicine and author of Forest Bathing: How Trees […]

Women Rising for Rights – Promoting inclusivity with technology

22 Feb 2019

Join us on International Women’s Day in conversation with three inspiring women who are flipping paradigms, breaking glass ceilings, and innovating to combat inequality and strengthen rights for local communities. Power imbalances and marginalization run rampant in our world, affecting farmers, indigenous peoples, women, local communities, and even everyday citizens. In this Digital Summit, speakers […]

LEADERSHIP 101: Step-by-step guide to sparking action

27 Nov 2018

In starting a new initiative, step 1 is often the hardest to take. This session brings together six incredible community leaders who have not only taken the first step toward creating the change they want to see in the world, but who have also gone on and achieved it. Bringing leading speakers from the ‘Voices […]

Amplifying grassroots movements

20 Nov 2018

Building a movement – rallying thousands of people towards collective action – is an undeniably exciting concept, but what does it actually mean to create a movement? And how does one movement build? In an era of buzzwords, this GLF Digital Summit will break down how any project, organization, or idea can systematically build a […]