Inclusive finance: Paying the way for sustainable landscapes


This digital summit is now over.

Date : 9 July 2019
Time : 14:00 - 15:00 CEST (Use this tool to convert to your local time zone)

Local landscape initiatives make business sense: companies stand to gain an edge in innovation through supporting local communities and smallholders by utilizing the tacit knowledge of front-line employees. But how can we create environments that better connect financial instruments and ground level landscape initiatives?

Join us on July 9th at 14:00 Central European Time (Paris, Rome), where we will bring together diverse perspectives on what inclusive finance means and how it may be mobilized. This Digital Summit, organized by the the CGIAR Research program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA), will feature speakers like Pauline Nantongo of Ecotrust in Uganda, Marco Boscolo from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and Juan Carlos Gonzalez Aybar of Althelia Funds and impact investment manager from Mirova. Speakers will share their experiences and thoughts on the way forward for the upscaling of innovative finance mechanisms that support sustainable landscapes and have special consideration for the smallholders within that landscape.

This Digital Summit emerges from the context of a workstream on inclusive finance initiated within the framework of the FTA, Tropenbos International and CIFOR. This workstream included eight interviews with key stakeholders of the finance value chain and a summary of existing documentation on the topic. This learning journey is now entering a consultative and interactive phase.

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  • Marco Boscolo
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez Aybar
  • Pauline Nantongo
  • Gerhard Mulder

Download Inclusive Finance Interviews HERE

Our Speakers

Marco Boscolo

Forestry Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Aybar

Carbon Neutrality Business, Total S.A

Pauline Nantongo Kalunda

Director, EcoTrust


Gerhard Mulder

, Oxylus Climate Advisors