Secure rights for forest futures: closing the implementation gap in forest tenure security


This digital summit is now over.

Date : 17 July 2019
Time : 15:00 - 16:00 CEST (Use this tool to convert to your local time zone)

Where indigenous peoples and local communities hold secure rights, forests are less likely to be degraded or destroyed, providing better protection than even legally protected areas. However, in many countries, there is a substantial gap in tenure security for community lands.

To highlight recent solutions for closing the implementation gap, GLF is teaming up with its newest charter member Climate Focus, to offer a Digital Summit on the role of forest rights. Speakers will share recent research findings and their own experience. Particularly, research from the LandMark initiative, which shed light on the nature of the implementation gaps in 14 countries and research from IIED, which tracked progress on empowering forest-linked communities.

Join us to learn how we work together to secure rights to protect landscapes and empower local communities to ensure healthy landscapes.


  • Moderator: Ingrid Schulte, Land use consultant and NYDF Assessment coordinator, Climate Focus
  • Fabrice Dubertret, World Resources Institute/LandMark
  • James Mayers, Director, Natural Resources, International Institute for Environment and Development
  • Hindou Oumar Ibrahim, Association of Indigenous Peul Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT)


  • Highlight the role of rights in healthy landscapes
  • Present high-level findings on the area of legally recognized and documented community land
  • Discuss implications for spurring progress toward full legal recognition
  • Showcase current progress towards empowering forest-linked communities and the mechanisms to do so

Our Speakers

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

Coordinator, Indigenous Women and Peoples Association of Chad, Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee

Fabrice Dubertret

PhD candidate in geography at Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, Centre de Recherche et de Documentation des Amériques (CREDA, France)

James Mayers

Director, Natural Resources, International Institute for Environment and Development


Ingrid Schulte

Land Use Consultant with Climate Focus and Coordinator of the New York Declaration on Forests Assessment Partners,