Going for the Gold Standard: Reflections on developing principles to respect rights

This digital summit is now over.

Date : 17 September 2019
Time : 14.00 - 15.00 CEST (Use this tool to convert to your local time zone)

Join us for this digital summit to learn why GLF is working with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to Go for the Gold – to ensure rights are respected and our planet is restored. Educate yourself about what it takes to become a champion for rights.

Why the Gold Standard?
Indigenous Peoples and local communities are unparalleled environmental stewards: their lands hold 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity and sequester nearly 300 billion metric tons of carbon. But we are not doing enough to recognize and respect the rights of these groups, especially for the rights of women, which are foundational to their ability to protect nature, to their safety, and their well-being.
Though there are many social and environmental safeguards to protect, existing schemes still lack a common set of globally recognized principles, defined and developed with rights holders.
Organizations including GLF, IPMG, RRI and FPP have come together to address this gap by developing a best practice “Guiding Principles to Rights-Based approaches to sustainable landscapes.”

Why join in on this digital summit:
Join us for this digital summit to learn about where the Gold Standard has been and where it’s going.

By taking part, you’ll hear about lessons panelists learned during the early stages of the Gold Standard concept development and consultations with rights holders in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. You’ll also learn about resources the Gold Standard’s developing organizations may provide for its successful adoption: to build the capacities of duty bearers to fulfill their responsibilities to people and the planet.
The development of the Gold Standard has been centered around regional consultation where rights holders shape the guiding principles. These principles will inform national and international policies and landscape-level interventions. The consultations are on-going, and the principles are expected to be launched publicly at the end of 2019.

Our Speakers

Janene Yazzie

Co-Convenor, Indigenous Peoples Major Group on Sustainable Development