Policies for Agroecology

Drawing the blueprints for a sustainable agroecological transition.

The Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) on Agroecology and its partners are pleased to invite you to a virtual event on 15 July to discuss policies for transitions to agroecological food systems. 

After introducing the TPP and outlining the essential role that policy plays in accomplishing the TPP’s mission, the presenters will unveil the latest draft of “Agroecologically-conducive policies: a review of advances and remaining challenges” for discussion. The feedback collected during the discussion will be integrated into the document before final publication. Read the executive summary here.

By examining country case studies and current scientific evidence, the event will then highlight the opportunities and challenges involved in scaling-up agroecology over the next decade. Such knowledge will help set research, policy and investment priorities for actors at all levels.

A panel discussion and an interactive Q&A session with the audience will complement the event.

Join us in reimagining agricultural policies that benefit people and the planet!

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Kenya national landscape restoration scaling conference: Catalyzing action for landscape restoration

The Government of Kenya pledged to restore 5.1 million hectares of land in the country by 2030 under the African Forest and Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) and Bonn Challenge. The government has set a target of 10% tree cover for the country.

Efforts are underway in different sectors including environment, forestry, conservation and agriculture to achieve this ambition.

Join the conversation on how we can collectively accelerate the momentum of landscape restoration in Kenya by bringing together and linking multiple dimensions of the efforts.

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