Carbon Forestry: The course for future project developers and land use experts

In cooperation with renowned partner organizations active in the land-use sector, such as UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use and Solidaridad, the Chair of Silviculture at Freiburg University offers this 3-week online course in Carbon Forestry. Highlights of the course include ecological, social, economic & technical aspects of carbon forestry in theory and practice. The course is taught by experienced academics, project developers and auditors, and offers technical basics of developing and evaluating climate change mitigation projects, analysis and validation of project design documents of different types of land-use based carbon projects (REDD, Afforestation/Reforestation, Smart Climate Agriculture, Improved Forest Management etc.). Furthermore, by using a local case study, participants will measure biomass on a local afforestation site or at home and quantify the carbon contents in the lab.

Additionally, participants are trained in established methodologies of specific standards, esp. Afforestation/Reforestation projects, such as under the CDM, Verra/VCS or Gold Standard. The course fee is 750€ (partial scholarships available).

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Webinar on Restoring Landscapes in the Aral Sea

Join us for a webinar that will feature a panel discussion with corporations and representatives from Kazakhstan government and Kazakh-German University.

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The webinar will be the launch of the Disruptive Technology and Innovation Challenge in the Aral Sea, and will feature a panel discussion with corporations and representatives from the Kazakhstan government and Kazakh-German University.

About the Disruptive Technology and Innovation Challenge in the Aral Sea:
This challenge will connect innovation with impact-driven solutions. Four individual or organizational innovators from around the world will receive awards to further their disruptive and innovative solutions to landscape restoration issues in the Aral Sea region. The challenge will focus on proposals regarding agriculture and land management, sustainable forestry, socio-economic development, and information and knowledge.


06:00 – 06:10 pm: 
Plug and Play Opening Remarks: Mike Zayonc, Vice President at Plug and Play
06:10 – 06:15 pm: 
World Bank Opening Remarks: Lilia Burunciuc, Regional Director for Central Asia at World Bank
06:15 – 06:30 pm: 
Keynote Presentation: Sulton Rkhimzoda, Chairman, Executive Committee of International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (IFAS)
06:30 – 06:50 pm: 
Startup Presentations and Q&A
06:50 – 07:25 pm: 
Panel Discussion

    • Magzhan Madiyev, CEO at Astana Hub
    • Paola Agostini, Lead Natural Resource Management Specialist at World Bank
    • Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, Vice Rector for International Cooperation at Kazakh-German University (DKU)
    • Azamat Abdraimov, Consul General of Kazakhstan in San Francisco
    • John Colmey, Managing Director at Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

07:25 – 07:30 pm: 
Closing Remarks

Find out more about the Challenge here.

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Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021: Q&A Session

The Aral Sea in Central Asia, once the world’s fourth-largest inland water body, has almost disappeared due to the overuse of its resources and the climate crisis, endangering the livelihoods of 40 million people who live in the region.

The Global Disruptive Tech Challenge 2021 aims to identify and support disruptive technologies and innovative approaches to landscape restoration in the Aral Sea region and Central Asia. The Challenge asks innovators from around the world to submit their ideas and help change the lives of millions of people.

The Q&A session, held on 21 December, at 6 p.m. Almaty time (UTC+6), is an opportunity to learn more about the Challenge, connect with world leading institutions and regional organizations and universities, and get your questions on the Challenge answered.


Всемирный конкурс прорывных технологий 2021

Аральское море, расположенное на территории Центральной Азии, когда-то четвертое среди крупнейших внутренних водоемов, сегодня почти исчезло из-за чрезмерного использования его ресурсов и изменения климата, поставив под угрозу жизнеобеспечение 40 миллионов человек, проживающих в этом регионе.

Всемирный конкурс прорывных технологий 2021 направлен на выявление и поддержку прорывных технологий и инновационных подходов в сфере восстановления земель в регионе Аральского моря и на территории Центральной Азии. Конкурс приглашает инноваторов со всего мира предложить идею и помочь изменить жизнь миллионов людей.

Сессия “Вопросов и ответов”, которая пройдет 21 декабря в 18:00 по алматинскому времени (UTC+6) – это возможность не только узнать больше о Конкурсе и получить ответы на интересующие Вас вопросы, но и наладить связь с ведущими мировыми институтами и региональными организациями и университетами.

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A week for mountains: Celebrating International Mountain Day 2020 (10-17 December)

The International Mountain Day (IMD) is celebrated annually on 11 December to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development, and to build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world.

The theme for this year’s IMD is “Mountain biodiversity”. Mountains are storehouses of global biodiversity. Half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots are concentrated in mountains, and four of those hotspots lie in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region. This IMD, we celebrate the rich biodiversity in mountains and call attention to the threats it faces.

ICIMOD will be organizing a week-long event – a “week for mountains” – to celebrate this important day by organizing various programmes in-house and in its country offices.

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