Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit 2018

The 2018 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit (APRS) will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Summit provides the opportunity for countries across the region to showcase their work on forest conservation and demonstrate their progress on implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

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Fires, haze and health – applied research, collaborative design and prototype development

Forest and land fires, which occur on an annual basis in Indonesia, affect the entire Southeast Asian region. Such man-made disasters are detrimental to the environment and have irreversible long-term impacts on human health, undermining progress towards achieving almost all Sustainable Development Goals. Indonesia’s forest and peatland fires are estimated to cause approximately 110,000 premature deaths annually. The 2015 fires affected 43 million people and hospitalized 550,000, along with an overall economic damage assessed at US$16 billion.

Simultaneous measures must be taken to protect the most vulnerable groups (pregnant mothers, the unborn child, young children and their elderly care takers) from air pollution, whilst measures are taken to prevent wildfires.

This inaugural GLF Digital Summit is a follow up to the May 2017 Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter event in Jakarta, and the September 2017 National Policy Dialogue on Laws and Best Practices for Reducing Fire and Haze. If you missed those two events, don’t worry: this online event will bring you up to speed to dive deeper into the world of peatlands, fire, haze, health and technological interventions for all three.

Experts from diverse sectors parse different angles to explore this complex landscape problem. It is being tackled as an ecological problem, an ethnographic research exercise, a grassroots response or an international advocacy subject. These approaches, combined with technological interventions in shelter, air filtration and air quality monitoring, represent a holistic, landscape-level community of practice surrounding the globally-pressing issue of fire and haze.

Digital Summit

Date: Tuesday October 24, 2017 at 13:00 Rome (11 AM GMT, or 18:00 Jakarta time)
Duration: 2.5 hours
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This digital summit is a collaborative effort: our panel of experts worked together to share their experiences and approaches, their trials and errors.

We will give ample opportunity for all digital summit participants to join into the discussion, either to share their own experiences, hints and tricks, or to ask questions to the speakers, or to the entire group.


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The Global Landscapes Forum puts communities first in addressing landscape-level issues. With science and traditional knowledge at the core, GLF events are designed not only to spark dialogue but also follow-through to impact in addressing some of the most complex and multi-stakeholder problems facing our earth and our communities. Peatlands, fire, haze and health are deeply interrelated themes, and with the launch of the Global Peatlands Initiative at the GLF in Marrakesh in 2016, the push towards best practices in these areas has emerged as a movement within the broader GLF movement.


Key questions

Landscapes/ ecological perspective – Herry (CIFOR)

Ethnographic perspective – Steve (RCA)

Human-centred design thinking (3 prototypes) – Lody (Pulse Lab)

Rapid testing of the ‘haze emergency kit’ – Nanis (Kopernik) and JP (independent) 

  • What are people’s common practices to cope with the haze? How effective are these practices? What are the challenges in adopting these practices?
  • What alternative solutions are there? Is there a cheap, easy-to-adopt risk reduction solution for indoor areas?

Grassroots response to the 2015 fires – Lina (Ranu Welum) and Wally (BRB)

  • How did we create safe spaces for communities exposed to haze?
  • What are some considerations designers and frontline (community) responders need to prepare for?

Advocacy on standards and SDGs – Richard (UNICEF) and Johan (UNE)

GLF resources:

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