Youth leadership in climate smart landscapes

This WUYLF discussion panel will explore the role of youth leadership in the co-creation of innovative climate smart knowledge. The panel will be informed by the outputs of participatory and interactive workshops held 2 days prior to the panel. Photos, mind maps, visual representations, stories, business plans and novel ideas developed in the workshop will thus offer insights for the interactive youth-led panel discussion. The panelists represent youth initiatives; on-the-ground solutions from our own backyard in Europe, as well as from the rest of the world and personal experiences within the domains of nature conservation, agriculture, restoration, economy, business, activism, research and practice. Together, the 2-day event is the chance for the youth to create a space to connect, share and learn about practical and immediate action for sustainable landscapes and a climate smart future. It is a space where diverse perspectives will converge and together with critical thinking, offer new avenues for changing paradigms and instigating courageous action.

About the Wageningen University Youth for Landscapes – WUYLF

We – the WUYLF – are a dynamic and passionate group of WUR students who are inspired by science for impact. We have initiated a WUR-based platform to link up young critical thinkers to the world’s largest knowledge-based, multi-sectoral platform for sustainable landscapes – The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF). Empowering WUR-based youth to connect, share, learn and act with the global community is crucial to co-create and realize a vision of sustainable landscapes.

WUYLF was inspired by the stories, communities of practice and ideas stemming from WUR-networks, that we think should not only be shared with the global community but would also benefit from institutional and synergistic collaboration with the broader GLF-network to jointly co-create a vision for sustainable landscapes. WUR is continuously involved in cutting edge research and is a breeding ground for innovation. We know this is where it happens and we want to share it. We believe positive change can and should start at from the youth, enshrining the crucial role of the youth within landscapes and showcasing the initiatives in our own backyards. This is important to initiate climate action in landscapes across Europe and the rest of the world. WUYLF is taking the lead; by critically engaging, daring to question and is dedicated to overcoming the hurdles and resistance needed for transforming scientific development, policies, business as usual and our daily activities.

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