Landscape Talks – Turning the tides for rights

Putting rights at the center of our activities in landscapes is key for achieving a more sustainable future for humans and nature. It requires not only a truly holistic and integrated approach of how we organize our societies but serious and transformational changes across all sectors of society: including in the way in which we make policies, run our businesses, talk and act with each other.

In this inspiring Landscape Talks session, speakers will take us onto creative and thought-provoking pathways in policy, technology and society and explore the steps for real societal transformations at scale.

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Landscape Talks – Earth Speakers

When it comes to nature protection, the evidence seems crystal clear: Nature is safest where local communities and indigenous people are fully in charge of their landscapes and where their rights to land use, management and decisions are respected and upheld. In practice, what does it mean to truly consider the safety of nature and those protecting it and how can we raise global awareness of the reality of these experiences from the ground?

In this session speakers will share their very personal stories from the heart of local and indigenous communities, revealing how they manage their relationships with their community and with nature in very distinct and highly inspiring ways.

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Plenary: Voices of the Landscape

It’s time to recognize the unsung heroes, big and small, who take a stand for their landscapes and their environment. Across the globe, local communities and Indigenous Peoples – particularly rural women and youth – are writing stories of resilience and success by mobilizing their communities to drive projects of immense impact.

How does visionary leadership at a community level give rise to the radical ideas that generate sweeping positive change?

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Plenary: Rights to Equality: Gender Inclusion

Equal doesn’t mean identical. In a rapidly evolving, disruptive world – that is also experiencing a climate breakdown – it is high time we help women and girls – and men and boys – to become more empowered, by breaking down the barriers that hold them back from experiencing full, healthy and equal lives. Gender equality is key to efficient, equitable and sustainable climate change action. How do we prioritize it, and where are we going wrong?

Opening Poem delivered by: Silvia Abruscato and Yemi Adeyeye

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Plenary: Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Hear the back-story and vision behind the recently-passed “UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030” from its founding members.

The youth plenary speakers will announce the Landscape Heroes competition winner.

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Plenary: Right to a future

They are our future leaders, the ‘next generation,’ the optimistic visionaries disrupting systems to change things in their own way; they are the youth who will take the stage to share, provoke and inspire ways to change the world – and change it now. How can we move quicker, together, to secure the rights to a healthy life for present and future generations?

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Plenary: Whose Rights?

Gone are the days where communities were simply beneficiaries of development projects. Today, true inclusivity means recognizing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, women, and youth – and establishing joint collaboration efforts. How can we center the knowledge and priorities of marginalized groups and help to put their chosen solutions into practice?

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Plenary: Landscape Finance

The Panel will discuss emerging strategies and models for financing landscape investment at scale, including design features that benefit smallholders and local communities, as well as biodiversity and climate goals. Topics will cover a comparative study of landscape-wide finance models, private agricultural investment models that build community equity, an accelerator for forest landscape investment, and large-scale finance for coordinated multi-sector landscape investments.

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