Poem : Rights to Equality

2 Aug 2019

A poem titled “The First Time” created and performed at GLF Bonn 2019 by Yemi Adeyeye and Silvia Abruscato, youth leaders from the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) and the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA). In this poem, Adeyeye and Abruscato share the stories of the first time they remember feeling othered or objectified […]

Indigenous voices, a policy spark to protect the world’s forests

24 Jul 2019

Learn more: Lecture Paper In this Landscape Talk, UNDP Senior Policy Advisor Josep Gari speaks how development policy stands to benefit from integrating indigenous voices. Forests are crucial to sustainable development in many ways, from local communities to global commons. Yet, for decades, indigenous peoples – their leading curators and ambassadors – have suffered political […]

Breaking the Ice and Melting the Poles – Talking Climate

24 Jul 2019

We can’t take action on climate change unless we talk about it- so how can we get people talking about something they don’t even want to think about! And then how do we get people who hate each other to work together?

Activism in the Age of Climate Collapse

24 Jul 2019

In this landscape talk at GLF Bonn 2019, Malik Tabrizi Dasoo, co-founder of the Wageningen chapter of Extinction Rebellion, talks about the role of non-violent protest and resistance in promoting systemic change. Dasoo draws on examples from history, such as resistance against apartheid in the 1990s in South Africa, and on contemporary examples of successful […]

Granddaughter: How Do You Survive in the Other World Without Our Maize

24 Jul 2019

  During GLF Bonn 2019, Tania Eulalia Martinez Cruz shares with us the deep connection between Indigenous Peoples and their Land and Livelihoods.