Videos: Interactive sessions

No One Left Behind: Landscape Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean

An interactive session on participative landscape governance: a basic condition for sustainable landscape management and restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rights, Results and Rewards: Managing production landscapes sustainably

This interactive session explored how sustainable approaches to managing production landscapes are showing promising results for communities, ecosystems and economic growth in several countries. Investment in coordination across government agencies, consistent policies, knowledge and tools, technical capacity building, project financing and private sector collaboration are key ingredients for success on the ground.

Keep it Cool: Fixing the Climate with Permafrost and Peatlands

Permafrost and Peatlands – An Emerging Frontier in the defence against Climate Change Peatlands are found all over the world, they come in many forms, display many different characteristics and are used in many different ways. Peatlands are highly effective carbon stores and long-term sinks. Although they only cover less than 3 per cent of […]