Videos: Plenary

Poem : Rights to Equality

2 Aug 2019

A poem titled “The First Time” created and performed at GLF Bonn 2019 by Yemi Adeyeye and Silvia Abruscato, youth leaders from the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) and the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA). In this poem, Adeyeye and Abruscato share the stories of the first time they remember feeling othered or objectified […]

Plenary: Voices of the Landscape

24 Jul 2019

Taking place at GLF Bonn 2019, June, 22, this Voices of the Landscape plenary brought together six Indigenous Peoples sharing their wisdom and stories with the audience. The session was opened by a traditional prayer performed by Lola Cabnal from Guatemala preceded by a traditional song by Taymur community representatives. It’s time to recognize the […]

Plenary: Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Recorded

24 Jul 2019

  In this plenary, you can hear the back-story and vision behind the recently-passed “UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030” from its founding members. Find more details about this GLF Bonn 2019 plenary here.

Plenary: Whose Rights?

24 Jul 2019

    What is your experience of power in relation to rights in the landscape? True inclusivity means recognizing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, women, and youth – and establishing proper consultation and decision making powers. How can we center the knowledge and priorities of marginalized groups and help to put their […]

Fiona Flintan – GLF Bonn 2019

3 Jul 2019

Hear Fiona Flintan, Senior Scientist from the International Livestock Research Institute discuss rangelands and the challenges we face to restore these landscapes to productive and thriving landscapes. Recorded at GLF: Bonn 2019

Paula Caballero – GLF Bonn 2019

3 Jul 2019

Changing a narrative is difficult and this was a revolutionary narrative. So, there are two lessons from this, first 'don't give up' and second 'be bold'.