On 22-23 June 2019, stakeholders and audiences from across the world will come together in Bonn to zoom in on the transformative role of rights and rights-based approaches for securing a more just, sustainable and prosperous future for all. GLF Bonn 2019 will explore the essential contributions of Indigenous peoples, local communities, and rural and Indigenous women and youth in achieving the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.


GLF Bonn 2019 aims to:

  • To amplify the transformational role of rights in the identification and implementation of sustainability solutions;
  • To advance the adoption of a rights-based approach to sustainability, including the launch of a new collaborative partnership to establish a gold standard on this approach; and
  • To create a new global narrative that recognizes Indigenous peoples and local communities as bearers of rights and solutions to our common challenges.

The forum will create a space for transformational learning where stakeholders from across sectors will be invited to step back and reflect on how they consider and approach pressing issues.
Discussions will revolve around:

  • Community solutions and traditional knowledge for sustainable landscapes
  • Land tenure reform and the challenges for securing Indigenous people rights
  • Technology’s role in rights’ protection
  • Right-based approaches to protected areas
  • Financial tools for community solutions.

From thematic pavilions and booths to TEDx-style Landscape Talks, you have the opportunity to experience an event estimated to bring together 300 delegates and a global audience of thousands more online. Do not miss GLF learning opportunities and digital summits to help strengthen your networks. Follow closely to learn more about how youth is shaping action on the ground. Stay tuned for competitions, polls and quizzes.