Landscape Leadership Youth Workshop

Take part in an immersive 4-day experience, consisting of an intense 2-day youth workshop and the 2-day GLF Bonn to be held at the World Conference Center. The youth workshop will include community building activities, thematic project teams, a knowledge marketplace featuring speakers from leading organizations and experts, 1:1 mentorship, an SDG workshop and sessions on how to facilitate, pitch, and design holistic projects.

Apply to this program if you have:

  • Demonstrated commitment and/or leadership to a cause (rights, climate change, land management, agriculture, oceans, food, forests, and related topics to sustainable development).
  • Look forward to joining a youth community dedicated to promoting sustainable land management through the landscapes approach
  • Passionate about going beyond words and ‘commitments to action’

Are you ready to be transformed into a powerful, actionable leader on sustainable development? We are looking for 40 young people ready to take up the challenge of moving from commitment to action.


  1. Fill out the application form by October 26 23:55 CEST.
  2. Tell us why you want to be a landscape leader in a 60 second video. Make sure to tag the GLF on Facebook or Twitter (@GlobalLF) and use #thinklandscape.
  3. Register for GLF Bonn.

Limited scholarships for travel and waived registration are available for selected workshop participants based on need and location.

Meet our Youth delegates from the past year

How can I attend GLF Bonn?

If you want to attend, now is your chance! In October, we are offering a limited number of tickets of 51 euros as an exclusive promotion for students and youth (under age 35)! Press the button to register to get your spot.

How will you select workshop participants?

Applicants will be selected based on their: passion and motivation, demonstrated interest in a landscape and sustainability issue or cause, clarity of responses, and ability to implement ideas and collaborate

What time commitment is involved?

Selected participants are expected to: participate in the 2-day workshop held November 29-30, the GLF Bonn held Dec 1-2, and take part in a few hours of online prep in the weeks leading up to the workshop.

Will selected workshop participants receive funding?

We have a limited amount of travel scholarships available. We will award scholarships based on need and merit. The remaining delegates are expected to raise their own funds to attend, though our team will be available to assist wherever possible with fundraising.

I am under 18 or over 35, can I still apply?

Unfortunately, not but you can still register for the GLF Bonn event. If you are under 18, please contact the GLF Youth Coordinator at to identify other avenues for participation.

What is the Youth in Landscapes Initiative?

The Youth in Landscapes (YIL) Initiative is a global movement of young people who have committed to living and breathing the landscapes philosophy – collaboration, diversity, and collective action. The GLF and YiL partner to deliver meaningful youth programs for those aged 18-35 years to join us. Whether you are a student or young professional, whether you work in agriculture, business, or geography – this community needs you. The Initiative is a partnership between the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA), Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) and the Global Agroecology Alliance (GAEA). Together these organizations represent over 20,000 young people working and studying in agriculture, forestry and agroecology.