• Saturday, 1 December 2018
  • 18:00-19:30 | Bonn time (GMT+1)

Using agroforestry to turn degradation into profitability

“I will address the Intelligence of Nature’s Design process and how we can use it within businesses to impact the world positively while generating profit. You should all be excited because I will inspire you to see that you can make more money from growing your raw materials from the forest than deforesting. I will bring clear inspiring examples of how plants cooperate between each other and how we can use that knowledge to redefine our businesses models to a more nature inclusive one.”

“My idea is related to cooperation for global change. And there is no better teacher than nature itself. Using nature’s high-tech as a solution for reversing climate change as well as designing an Agricultural system that can produce multiple raw materials for different companies/industries integrated in the same design. For example, a cocoa tree from MARS needs to be shaded to grow, so why not plant a palm oil from DORITOS next to it? Much better and efficient than a monoculture field, right? My idea is to mimic nature and integrate that into businesses for big impact.”

Organizations are welcome and encourage to host and facilitate side meeting before and during the GLF event, and then bring their results and recommendations to the Forum. A GLF secretariat will be on hand to identify and reserve appropriate Bonn venues. Webinars, engaging social media campaigns, competitions and pre-event discussions will generate momentum and interest in key issue areas to ensure that the GLF accelerates long-term action for sustainable landscapes.

The GLF will have a small secretariat in Bonn, Germany to coordinate all of the above, operated by CIFOR.