• 4 June 2020
  • 14:00-15:30

Leveraging data for transformational change towards climate- and forest-friendly food systems

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The land use sector plays an important role in achieving a more sustainable future as forests are key to climate change mitigation, and food production must be ensured for a growing population. In this session we will discuss the role of data in achieving transformational change towards more sustainable and climate friendly food systems. We explore opportunities for better monitoring of land use and associated GHG sources and sinks, including the use of new technologies and global data.

Scientists, policy makers and practitioners share their experiences centred around the following themes:

  • Sustainable food systems
  • Near Real Time monitoring
  • From science to policy: Experiences with the IPCC 2013 Wetlands Supplement
  • The politics of numbers and information sharing

We close with a panel discussion on lessons learned, data-related challenges and on issues like transparency, power, and accountability. Join the conversation.