• 15 September 2022
  • 13:15-13:30
  • Room: Digital Room 2

Inspirational talks by Robert Nasi, Cécile Bibiane Ndjebet and Adrian Leitoro

Digital Room 2

Robert Nasi – The social tipping points needed to achieve a resilient and equitable food future in Africa

Hear from CIFOR’s Director General on how forests and trees protection can provide integrated solutions against the global climate, food and biodiversity crises, as well as CIFOR-ICRAF’s approach to addressing these challenges.

Cécile Bibiane Ndjebet – Women, land and food

Join this talk to learn about the work of the African Women’s Network for Community Management of Forests and the much-needed change they hope to achieve. Learn about the progress that has been over the decades for women in forestry and how an expert views the future.

Adrian Leitoro – Youth in Ecosystem Restoration

In this talk, Adrian will discuss his passion for dryland ecosystems and what he is hoping to achieve in his role as the GLF’s Drylands Restoration Steward.