At GLF Africa, we’ve brought local artists to inspire change towards an equitable and resilient future for everyone. View the continent and its people through the lens of African photographers, advocate for environmental and social justice through African rhythms, and immerse yourself in Africa’s stories. 

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Creatives for climate

African artists are sweeping the globe with the lush sounds of their continent, enticing the world to tune in. On 15 September at 20:00 EAT (UTC+3), we will bring together African creatives from across film, music, and art to perform and engage in dialogue, illustrating the power of music and art to inspire and bring us in tune with nature.

Discover Africa’s stories

All too often, the stories we hear about Africa are not told by Africans, leading to misconceptions and negative stereotypes. On 15 September at 14:45 EAT (UTC+3), discover new narratives around the peoples, cultures, and landscapes of Africa, as told by young storytellers from across the continent.

Inside Cameroon and Kenya

Travel with us to the beautiful landscapes of West and Central Africa on 15 September at 08:30 EAT (UTC+3). Learn from the Maasai community on this fascinating virtual tour to Kuku Group Ranch, near Mount Kilimanjaro, and Yaoundé, Cameroon.