Edith Gathoni Kimuyu

Edith Gathoni Kimuyu is a visionary creative and advocate for social justice. With a diverse range of creative skills, she uses her talents to address pressing societal issues and challenge the status quo. Gathoni has made significant contributions to Kenyan theater productions, particularly as the Executive Producer of Story Zetu, producing successful and impactful shows based on Kenyan history(Too Early For Birds). When she’s not selling out shows on stage, Gathoni enjoys hosting and moderating events that speak to what she loves. She has hosted and moderated various events, including the Kenya Theatre Awards(KTA), Women In Film awards(WIFA) and led two digital Masterclasses with Storify Africa that saw her teaching creators from 15 African countries.

As a survivor of Gender-Based Violence, Gathoni leverages her social media platforms to fight against GBV, produces documentaries and speaks out on social injustices. Her TEDx Talk on her personal experience with GBV further amplifies her voice. Gathoni’s expertise extends to influencing andshe brings over a decade of experience to her work.