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GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference

Here’s how you can get involved in the upcoming
GLF Nairobi 2023 Hybrid Conference.

Get involved at GLF Nairobi 2023

For more on the event, please read our Concept Notes


  • Promotion of your organization, brand and message to millions of stakeholders in 185 countries 
  • Connect with key players across the globe on climate change, landscape restoration, food systems and sustainable finance agendas
  • Learn about cutting-edge innovation and engagement with thought leaders and economic experts on key issues
  • Speaking opportunities in a network of leading international organizations across sectors
  • Engage in bilateral and multilateral dialogues on pressing topics
  • Increase opportunities for achieving cross-sector partnerships
  • Contribute to the paradigm shift required to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals and the global biodiversity framework.