Announcing the winner of the #GLFNairobi2018 Photo competition

Thank you for showing your African landscapes through your eyes! It was a tough competition but the jury and the public have spoken.

We are delighted to announce the winner of the GLF Nairobi photo competition.  We received an overwhelming response from all over Africa: over 400 photos of exceptional quality, diversity, creativity and passion were submitted, collectively proving beyond any doubt the unique beauty of African landscapes and the grassroots determination to defend them. Thank you to everyone that voted. Our photo and video lead went through all the photos and considered the public votes to hand pick the winner and runners up.

The winner and runners up image and powerful stories broke through the numerous entries and resonated with us most.

Our winner, Tarangire river from Tarangire National Park Arusha Tanzania, was submitted by Lameck Kiula. Congratulations Lameck Kiula.

Runners up 1: Namib Rand dune pattern,  was submitted by Phil Sturgess. Congratulations Phil Sturgess.

Runners up 2: Terrace-Umuganda,  was submitted by Elie NTIRENGANYA. Congratulations Elie NTIRENGANYA.

Popular votes special mention was Luckiest plant inside amboni cave landscape, submitted by PETER MSINDE

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Tarangire river from Tarangire National Park Arusha Tanzania

By Lameck Kiula