Kyoto Digital Edition: Climate Segment

21 Dec 2019

Join this around-the-world journey to learn more about the connections between climate change challenges. Mary Robinson barely needs an introduction as the leading voice and advocate for climate justice, opens this segment with a heartfelt message touching on the stories of the people who are among the most affected by climate change. Community members from […]

Kyoto Digital Edition: Landscape Segment

20 Dec 2019

The whims of weather patterns are often used as a barometer to determine the scale of climate change, but the solutions lie firmly on the ground. Join a journey across many landscapes to learn about solutions that lie within them; from bamboo growing in Ghana to ambitious plans for landscape restoration in Australia, from seascapes […]

Kyoto Digital Edition: Lifestyle Segment

19 Dec 2019

While not ignoring the responsibility of governments and organizations to put in place the legislation and action needed to adapt to climate change, the third segment of Act I will focus on the steps that can be taken to change lifestyle habits and behavioral patterns. From fashion to plastic, food, architecture, health, economics and education […]

Kyoto Digital Edition: Rights Segment

18 Dec 2019

Is it time to move fully from climate change to climate justice? This year the Global Landscapes Forum will focus the world’s attention on the fundamental importance of rights to address the current environmental crisis. Linking people to landscapes, the essential contributions made by indigenous Peoples, women, youth, local and rural communities, in achieving essential […]