On May 13, the world’s leading experts on climate change will gather for the Global Landscapes Forum  in Kyoto, Japan, 22 years after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the first legally binding treaty to cut greenhouse gases.

GLF Kyoto 2019 will focus on sustainable landscapes as a critical part of the climate solution. The “Climate, Landscapes and Lifestyles: It is Not Too Late” GLF event will bring together the best minds from science, development agencies, government, indigenous peoples, civil society and project implementers to share on-the-ground solutions for a climate smart future.


GLF Kyoto aims to:

  • Map the way to implementing the steps to reach global development and climate goals,
    guided by the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°
  • Trigger action: inspire transformations that help achieve global goals through local
    leadership and initiatives
  • Raise global awareness about the urgent need for land-based climate actions and
    lifestyle changes

GLF Kyoto seeks to offer state-of-the-art solutions and the latest science for rising up to climate change challenge from the landscapes. Conversations will revolve around such issues as restoration, sustainable lifestyles, food security, resilient livelihoods, plastic waste, cities, migration and much more, with leading figures working for sustainability sharing their knowledge in Kyoto and tuning in online.

From tabletop exhibitions to TEDx-style talks, you have the opportunity to experience an event estimated to bring together 300 delegates and a global audience of thousands more online. Do not miss GLF learning opportunities and digital summits to help strengthen your networks. Follow closely to learn more about how youth is shaping action on the ground. Stay tuned for competitions, polls and quizzes.