GLF Kyoto photo competition finalists: Vote for your favorite

Communities and businesses around the world are changing their habits amid global efforts to tackle climate change. By reducing overall consumption patterns, doing away with plastic, opting to eat less meat, using energy efficient modes of transportation, restoring and sustainably managing landscapes, we can begin to build a healthy environment and global economy. More than 250 photos were submitted during the initial stages of the GLF Kyoto 2019 competition. These inspirational snapshots provide a record of many efforts that are being undertaken with the aim of benefitting the planet.

A jury has selected the top 21 photos now awaiting votes. Nominate a favorite photo to put it forward as a runner up for the grand prize. Public voting, which will determine the winner, is open between March 26 and April 10, 2019. Please submit your vote here.

Learn more about GLF Kyoto 2019 here.