Speakers engaged with us

Here are all of the 2,700+ speakers who have appeared at the GLF’s events since its inception in 2013. From top scientists, economists and Indigenous leaders to entrepreneurs, filmmakers and grassroots activists, discover the diverse array of global voices that have taken to the stage at the world’s leading platform on sustainable land use.

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Program Manager
President, Agrarian Cooperative Bella
Oaxaca State Coffee Producers Coordinator
GLFx Coordinator
Global Landscapes Forum
Co-Chair, Generation Restoration Youth Hub
Research Group on Ecological Interactions in Agroecosystems, University of Buenos Aires
Universidad de Buenos Aires/ Reserva Natural Monte Alegre
Shimei Eco-Gardens
Adjunct professor, International Coordinator
Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Swedish Forest Agency
Think Policy Indonesia
Global Director: Water Sustainability at Anheuser-Busch InBev
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Executive Director
Director of Asia Pacific and African Intra and Inter-regional Cooperation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
Head Sustainability - Cocoa
Export Trading Group
Director General at the Ministry of Environment
Climate and Sustainable development of Luxembourg
Forest Engineer
Vice-president of marketing, innovation and sustainability
Program Design Director
African Wildlife Foundation

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS)
Communications specialist
Global Landscapes Forum

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica
Wildlife Biologist
Asociación Territorios Vivos El Salvador
Head of communications and capacity-building
Red Centroamericana y del Caribe de Microfinanzas (Redcamif)
Director, Deputy Director General
Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment
Quilombola and Gatherer of Everlasting Flowers & President
Guardians Association of the Quilombo Serra do Quilombo de Raiz
Head of Financial Sector
Aceli Africa
Global Head of Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Miro Forestry
Head of Value Chain Sustainability
Technical Advisor, Programmes
Solidaridad Sierra Leone
ICRAF - World Agroforestry
Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs Program
Center for Earth Ethics
Head of Bezos Earth Fund
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