Analí Bustos

Co-Chair, Generation Restoration Youth Hub
Research Group on Ecological Interactions in Agroecosystems, University of Buenos Aires

Analí has a degree in Biological Sciences (National University of Río Cuarto – 2015, Córdoba, Argentina) and a Master in Ecology and Nature Conservation (Federal University of Paraná – 2020, Curitiba, Brazil). She’s currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Research Group on Ecological Interactions in Agroecosystems – FAUBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Since 2016 she has been working on a forest restoration project called “Monte Alegre Natural Reserve,” She also advises other projects and farmers who want to transition to more sustainable practices on their properties. Her passion is researching and promoting restoration holistically: not only of ecosystems and environmental services but also the restoration of society’s feelings about Nature.