Landscape Hero nomination

Jorge Luis Ceballos Nationality: Colombian
Country of residence: Colombia

Nominated by

Marcela Fernandez

A profession on the path to extinction, just like the glaciers.

\"The climate is not changing – it has already changed,\" says Jorge Ceballos as he looks out over the once-snowy Nevado Santa Isabel volcano, which he calls the martyr of climate change in Colombia.

Jorge is the last and only glaciologist in his country. He studies the tropical and equatorial high-mountain glaciers there. Colombia has already lost 92% of its glacier area, and all six of those that are left are in a terminal state.

Jorge never stops teaching and spreading his scientific knowledge in a creative, empathetic and inspiring way. He tells his students: \"the food of a glacier is snow. If we do not feed ourselves daily we begin to faint; likewise, if snow does not fall, the glacier begins to die – and that is what is happening\".

Colombia is not only facing the extinction of its glaciers, but also the extinction of a profession – that of the glaciologist. That is why we honor the life of Jorge Ceballos, who’s determined to monitor and track these dying giants until their final breaths.

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