Landscape Hero nomination

Jorge Watanabe Nationality: Perú
Country of residence: Peru

Scalable strategies for landscape restoration: examples from San Martín, Perú

Peruvian environmental specialist Jorge Watanabe, alongside his colleagues at the Center for Conservation, Research and Management of Natural Areas (CIMA), is collaborating with local actors in the districts of Shamboyacu and Tres Unidos to create demonstration sites of ecological restoration of degraded areas, from which the functionality of the landscape can be reestablished, recovering biological diversity and forest cover.

In doing so, they hope to ensure the provision of ecosystem services to generate better local environmental conditions, as well as the development and sustainability of local economic and social activities.

The ecological landscape restoration approach used here applies the model of secondary ecological succession, combining passive and active strategies. The passive strategies include actions to manage natural regeneration, exclusion of threats such as burning and livestock, and guiding territorial management by local governments and neighboring localities. The active strategies include nucleation-assisted succession techniques (direct reintroduction of seeds and plants); some of the species that are reintroduced are propagated in local nurseries from seeds and seedlings.

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