Landscape Hero nomination

Romicile Prévot Nationality: Haitienne
Country of residence: Haiti

Nominated by

Esaie Eugene

Community activator for reforestation in Haiti

Romicile Prévôt, better-known as ‘Madame Dadou’, is a 60-year-old mother of seven children and a native of the Meyac communal section in the commune La Vallée de Jacmel, in the south-east of Haiti.

The daughter of a farmer, she has taken part in agricultural activities from a very young age, and has been involved in environmental initiatives for the last 35 years.

Every year, in order to address the environmental issues caused by deforestation in Haiti, Madame Dadou organizes reforestation activities by mobilizing local children, as well as members of the local Grassroots Community Organization (CBO). The activities are a focal point and solidarity-raiser for the community, building connection between members and with local authorities and NGOs.

To inspire others to take action, Madame Dadou is creating a reforestation model on her property using different varieties of fruit and forest trees. She also educates community members about ecologically-insensitive behavior such as letting oxen and goats roam free.

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