Climate Change x Street Art

NYC street artists are spreading messages about restoration, conservation and activism. Here are three murals to see in the city

Street Art for Climate

Since the 1970s, street art has shaped the New York City landscape, covering walls and rooftops across the city’s five boroughs with murals of provocative messages and visual beauty. This year, for Climate Week NYC (24–30 September), four street artists are picking up their spray can bottles to create awareness-raising murals about climate change, from the restoration of Brooklyn’s Newtown Creek from a polluted industrial tributary to a clean ecosystem, to the Amazonian animals endangered by the recent wildfires, to the young New Yorkers working with nature to re-green the city into the place they desire for their future home. Led by Greenpoint Innovations and its new art-focused initiative Greenpoint EARTH, in partnership with organizations including the Global Landscapes Forum, here are the city’s three new works of street art to see during Climate Week and beyond.