• Sunday, 2 December 2018
  • 16:00-17:30 | Bonn time (GMT+1)

Let’s talk about governance: A participatory approach to assessments

From local to global and from production to conservation; in any given landscape we find many functions and interests. For sustainable landscapes it is key to understand how these interests are balanced in rules and decision-making processes, and how this influences the behavior of actors in the landscape. Tropenbos International and EcoAgriculture Partners have developed the Landscape Governance Assessment. This is a tool to facilitate the participatory analysis of the rules and decision-making processes in the landscape. It allows landscape stakeholders to better understand the governance of their landscape, and to collaboratively identify opportunities for improvements. Tropenbos International has already conducted the Landscape Governance Assessment in 15 landscapes across 9 countries. In this Landscape Talk we will introduce the tool and share experiences with its application in the Philippines. We believe that the Landscape Governance Assessment can be a valuable tool for others working in landscapes across the globe. Landscape governance is often perceived as a complex and abstract concept, but this tool helps facilitate an important dialogue on governance and its influence on the landscape’s sustainable future. It stimulates landscape thinking among stakeholders and leads to the identification of opportunities for strengthening landscape governance. With this landscape talk, we wish to share our experiences with the Landscape Governance Assessment with the GLF community and invite others to apply the tool in their landscapes.

Organizations are welcome and encourage to host and facilitate side meeting before and during the GLF event, and then bring their results and recommendations to the Forum. A GLF secretariat will be on hand to identify and reserve appropriate Bonn venues. Webinars, engaging social media campaigns, competitions and pre-event discussions will generate momentum and interest in key issue areas to ensure that the GLF accelerates long-term action for sustainable landscapes.

The GLF will have a small secretariat in Bonn, Germany to coordinate all of the above, operated by CIFOR.