Maartje de Graaf

Programme Coordinator
Tropenbos International

Maartje de Graaf works as Programme Coordinator at Tropenbos International (TBI), an NGO that works towards a future in which forests and trees are used sustainably for the benefit of local people and the global community. By using evidence to make conscious choices and finding the right balance between the needs of all the stakeholders involved, TBI contributes to sustainable solutions for forested landscapes. TBI is based in the Netherlands, and is active in more than ten countries in the Global South.

At TBI, Maartje contributes to different projects on integrated landscape governance. In 2017, she co-developed the Landscape Governance Assessment methodology and coordinated its application in 15 landscapes in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Maartje graduated from Utrecht University in 2015 with a Master’s degree in Environmental Biology and a minor in Business and Economics. During her studies she focused on ecology and natural resource management with particular attention for agroforestry systems and their position in landscapes. 

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