A world of promises, deadlines and mechanisms have been drawing a map of our sustainable future: The Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, the New York Declaration on Forests, the Bonn Challenge and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. All ambitious, but are we getting there? How far are we now and how can we move from paper to action? GLF Bonn 2018 will explore where the next steps for action lie, through the lens of GLF’s main themes.

How to make progress
on restoration?

Get the latest knowledge, focusing on forests, successes across levels, the restoration-youth-jobs link, holistic conservation methods and more. Restoration leaders will share their stories at the Voices of the Landscape plenary, in a dedicated pavilion and through social media.

Achieving goals while
securing food and livelihoods

Food security in tandem with restoration and economic growth? Experts and practitioners will explore how to get there - through sustainable supply chains and production, local knowledge, biodiversity conservation and the right seeds. Don't miss the food security special plenary.

Land rights key for
successful pledges

How can indigenous people secure their land to preserve it? How can traditional knowledge become part of policy and what communities are battling environmental degradation through conservation? Hear it from activists, champions of the Earth, experts in land tenure and decision-makers.

Bridging the funding gap
where most needed

Discover innovative financing that's good for smallholders and value chains alike. Discussion forums and the GLF finance plenary will put on the table successful investment models in landscapes and financial opportunities for small farmers and SMEs.

Hitting targets?
How to measure progress

GLF Bonn 2018 will look where pledges are delivering results with all sessions discussing how to measure and boost progress. Long-term development experts will help design the next steps for sustainability.