GLF at COP25: Live Event Coverage

Follow the Global Landscapes Forum as we cover the UN climate change conference (COP25) from Madrid, Spain. We will be interviewing and engaging with government officials, international organizations and NGOs, youth, Indigenous leaders and researchers who will share their ideas to boost climate action within landscapes.

Our live coverage of COP25 will cover everything from ecosystem restoration, sustainable finance, biodiversity, and integrated land use and how we can move faster and better in keeping global warming below 2°C. Follow us on Twitter with #GLFCOP25 and sign up for our mailing list to receive inspiring interviews and daily wrap-ups straight to your inbox.





"There is a sheer, a huge global deficit today of positive incentives in the land use sector. We have a carrot crisis on our hands. And a positive benefit can be liberating a farmer from bureaucracy. Making it easier to access credit so it takes one month instead of eight."

Daniel Nepstad
Executive Director Earth Innovation Institute

"Merging the vision of sustainability – a proactive assignment – with the reactive practice to climate change needs to be a continuous exercise. And it is at the landscape level where theory becomes practice, where this integration happens. "

Yolanda Navarro Kakabadse
President of WWF International

"I see the focus of the Forum as being highly relevant to the global effort to tackle climate change and to move towards sustainable development."

Helen Clark
UN Development Programme Administrator and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

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What’s on The Agenda?

This event will bring together a diverse, multi-stakeholder audience for a deep-dive into how climate action in the landscapes can boost economic growth. At a time of great uncertainty for our climate and the world itself, we gather leaders from Indigenous and local communties, financial institutions, businesses, youth groups, activists, women, policy makers and heads of state to take climate action in the landscape.



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GLF Global Coordinator


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Communications Coordinator


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Engagement and Growth Coordinator