Live Interview with Alexandria Villaseñor, American climate activist, at COP 25

13 Dec 2019

On Alexandria’s fourth day at the UN climate summit in Madrid, she talks about Fridays for Future strikes, future actions in the works and her overall impression of the conference.

COP 25: Indigenous Women Use Traditional Knowledge to Save River

10 Dec 2019

Naijelijeli Tipap , a Masái from Tanzania and member of the Non-Governmental Indigenous Pastoralist Organizations explains that through Indigenous knowledge, we can adapt to and fight climate change.

8 Facts about Indigenous Peoples

10 Dec 2019

Indigenous Peoples and local communities are bearers of rights and solutions to the climate crisis. 🌿 Sources: United Nations, Global Witness and RRI

The Forest People of the Tomsk Region

10 Dec 2019

In conversation with Daria Egereva, representing the Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North at COP 25. Daria is a Selkup activist from the Tomsk region of Russia and talks traditional knowledge and the role of Indigenous women in her region.

In conversation with gender and rights scientists at COP 25

10 Dec 2019

Gender and rights scientists Houria Djoudi and Markus Ihalainen discuss finance, safeguards for gender and rights, measuring progress and more at COP 25 in Madrid.

Untapped potential of street art to advocate for the environment

7 Dec 2019

Gabrielle Lipton, editor of Landscape News, speaks on a panel in the Global Climate Action Hub at COP 25 in Madrid. To draw attention to the environmental danger a toxic tributary poses and the opportunities it offers for regeneration, Global Landscapes Forum partnered with Greenpoint Innovations (GPI) in the creation of a mural by Brooklyn-based […]

COP 25 Check-In with Musonda Mumba

7 Dec 2019

The GLF team caught up with Musonda Mumba, Chief of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Unit of the UN Environment Programme midway through COP 25 in Madrid. Musonda shares her hopes for negotiations over the coming days – with a specific focus on restoration and how that might play a key role in the climate agenda and […]

So, what about the Blue COP?

6 Dec 2019

So what about the Blue COP? It’s still in the picture. And looking forward, clearer regulations on carbon markets could actually help bring more private sector attention to blue carbon – carbon stored in coastal, wetland and oceanic ecosystems – particularly through carbon emissions offsetting schemes. For more about the “health and wealth” of these […]

George Marshall On Carbon Markets

6 Dec 2019

Finishing the Rulebook for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on climate change – as climate communications expert George Marshall explains – has become a major focus of 2019’s COP 25 in Madrid, superseding previous hopes for the conference to be the ‘Blue COP’ making significant political headway for oceans. Category

Kicking off COP 25 with Gonzalo Muñoz

5 Dec 2019

The Global Landscapes Forum team caught up with Gonzalo Muñoz, the UNFCCC High Level Climate Champion to discuss everything from waste management and circularity to the uprisings in Chile that spurred the climate summit’s move from Santiago to Madrid.