• Sunday, 2 December 2018
  • 11:00-12:30

Discussion Forum 15: Restoration needs the private sector to scale-up improvements in the landscape functionality – a new relationship with challenges

Nairobi 3-4

This session will focus on key issues in growing Forest Landscape Restoration into a level envisaged by the Bonn Challenge. Professional project and business case developments take place across smaller and larger organisations such as in the public and private sector and in NGOs. Among others, sustainable forestry, wood use, food production, land, soil and water resources supply are key for future businesses, livelihood and improvements in landscape functionality. Professional contributions in-kind and by consultancies are the common practice for project and business developments. This conversation between WWF, KfW, Global Woods, CI and other stakeholders will aim to explore questions such as: what is the reason that the different sectors are not magnetically attracted? What hinders large landscape ideas to get realized in win-win business cases funded by private investors? Are best practices available for a blueprint? What can we learn from Yacouba Sawadogo who got the Alternative Nobel Price 2018 for his large-scale restoration activities?