• Saturday, 1 December 2018
  • 09:00-10:30

Side Event 1: Territorial Development – Managing Landscapes for the Rural Future

Bangkok 1-2

Territorial development is based on the economic, natural, social, cultural and political potential of a territory and its people. Territorial approaches aim to reduce obstacles to unlock the hidden potential for social and economic development of a certain space whilst safeguarding the natural resources of its landscapes. They aim at overcoming “spatially blind” policies and interventions, not to leave behind those places that require the most support to achieve the SDGs. Recognizing landscapes and their multiple functions for the livelihoods of rural people are a powerful lever to foster a better integration of planning for territorial development.

This side event underpins the diversity of landscape realities, the complexity of territorial development and the consequent need for holistic approaches.

This session’s key messages are:
• The management of landscapes is an integral part of territorial development;
• Territorial Development and landscape management are based on the availability of comprehensive spatial data and qualitative information provided by all stakeholder groups within a given space.

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